Saturday, February 21, 2009

DIY - Revamping my wall

This is a long pending post! I revamped a wall in my room last month and have been meaning to post pictures. The idea is simple and cost me around 750/- INR and three hours to finish the job.
I love films and this is something i wanted to do since a long time. A collage of films I love.
I downloaded posters (very easy - all on google, just need to check the resolution) and got them printed on nice glossy paper.
I actually wanted to paint the wall with acrylic, but ended up buying spray paint. Spray paint is expensive but super cool. It dries in minutes and is so easy to use.
I pasted the posters on bright glaze paper and used fevicol to put them up on the wall ( didn't know that could be done, fevicol actually fixes everything !!)
The corner now looks great with mood lighting and the revamped wall ....
My fav corner to click photographs now :)

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