Saturday, May 7, 2011

What do you wish for?

What do you wish for?

I have been asked this question on several occasions, probably since the time I could speak. Wishes, wants desires and aspirations, aren’t these the components that make us strive for more and go on till the end of life?
When I was asked this I often wondered what clever answer I could give to impress the person asking such a profound question. (One that probably defines our whole life purpose) My wishes changed according to the person asking the question, money, happiness, love, blah, blah....

In the past two months however my definition of what I wish for myself and my family has completely changed. 

To put it straight, I have been to almost one doctor a day; I’m not dying (at least today) but there has been something or the other that has lead me to be on antibiotics for more than a month. Do I like the feeling? Hell no!!!

I have been on vacation after more than a year and have spent it eating bland food and staying in. That is not a good feeling. 

What’s more, people close to me have been ill with cancer, pain and in need for surgeries. To see suffering of the body (which we all know is so damn transient, yet so important) is painful in its own self.

It brings me to that question again, what do you wish for? What do you live for?

Isn’t it just good health, a strong being and a fit mind? 

We abuse our bodies, drink excessively, smoke, stress at work endlessly and plop ourselves in front of the television in our spare time. Most of these crimes have been committed by me and as would have been expected my body did give up, not gravely but little, slight hints that there might be something bad waiting for me soon.

When I woke up today I prayed to God to bless me with good health, to end the suffering of someone close to me dying with cancer and to send some good health to my ageing parents and grandparents. 

To the readers of my blog and other who might stumble on this, respect your body and don’t take it for granted. Call the ageing and ill parents and family members today. Life is too short to think it can be lived tomorrow. 

Love and Light,

(In Gujarati goodbye is said as – aao jo (I will see you again), in all my visits to doctors this past month and a half, I haven’t heard anyone say that J they simple say thank you and walk away!)

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Chocolate Diva said...

i wish for a million things, but i hardly get any. so i've given up on wishes and i have decided to face reality. i hope you get your wishes.

nice blog.


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