Friday, February 1, 2013

Weekend Discovery - Friday Farmers Market Dubai

One of those few things I like about Dubai, apart from the two months of winters, tax free income and availability of sheesha at every nook and corner is its ability to surprise me time and time again.

I have always said that Dubai is a transient city filled with mostly transient people. Lately I’ve been thinking that maybe like many others, this is a stop – gap city for me too and therefore I haven’t allowed myself to make it home.

But Dubai pushes me, to make her my own by showing me time and time again that she has that potential to have a character, a soul.

One of her attempts has been my introduction to a little farmers market tucked away near the JLT Lake.

Started a few weeks ago, this up coming farmers market is run by the organic food store – Blue Planet GreenPeople

It can’t compete with farmers market across the globe where there are tons of stalls with fresh produce, colorful flowers and a buzz of activity. But this place feels like home. 10-12 stalls where everyone seems to know each other, everyone has a smile on their face and strangely which is unlike Dubai, everyone looks relaxed.

Blame it on the weather or its picturesque setting with the JLT Lake as a backdrop, the energy, warmth of the place and people makes you all smiley and happy.

I ended up purchasing my weekly vegetables from the two organic produce stalls. Thinking about it now, the prices are almost the same as my neighborhood grocery but the quality is top notch. I can’t wait to make some yummy pasta tonight with the fresh basil and tomatoes I loaded up my shopping bag with.

I hope to see some fruit stalls the next time I’m there. (This might become a Friday ritual I think!)

A few other stalls that caught my eye and not just for the amazing stuff they were selling but also for the people who were selling it were – Pretty Jewelry – handmade jewelry by a very warm and friendly French teacher and Ayesha’s - Stems and Shoots.

 Ayesha, a young, single corporate executive or miss green fingers as you would like to refer to her actually grows and maintains plants in her balcony and then sells them to friends.

One of her lovely plants now adorns my balcony and is adding such amazing color to my home.

We spent the rest of the afternoon people watching at a Brazilian café next to the farmers market called Sweet Brasil tucking into scrambled eggs and fresh bread.

This place is a must visit for authentic Brazilian coffee and lovely, attentive staff. Owned by a lady who loves cooking Brazilian food, everything about the café speaks home, freshness and warmth.

We met some lovely people, exchanged numbers and email addresses promising to meet next Friday to do our weekly vegetable shopping and perhaps a shot of Brazilian coffee.

I recommend all you Dubai folk to get down to the market one weekend, let the kids indulge in free story telling sessions, have a laugh with some very friendly people and pick up some little knick knacks and some good veges. 


The farmers market takes place at Al Seef 2, Cluster U, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai. 
Get in touch with the BPGP guys on their facebook page here if you want to participate in the market.
Contact Ayesha for some lovely plants on her facebook page here

And of course, follow Idle Tuesday Afternoon Thoughts on Facebook here


Ayesha Azeem said...

I must say you have a very captivating writing style. It's a great skill. Keep up the good work girl ;)

Ayesha (Stems & Shoots)

Ayesha Azeem said...

I must say you have a very captivating writing style. It's a great skill. Keep up the good work girl ;)

Ayesha (Stems & Shoots)


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