Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Postcard of Flowers - Spain 2014 : A Photo Essay

I recently spent sixteen amazing days in South of Spain. The vacation is just a week old and it already feels like another life. Where did the endless days of gorgeous food, long siestas and sunny beaches go?

Back in the sandpit and in 43 degrees of sweltering heat, I am desperately craving a pitcher of cold sangria every afternoon. However the one thing I woke up thinking about today are these pretty little things that made my vacation so easy on the eyes. 

I wish I could bring the awesomeness and beauty back home and splash Dubai with some of this yummy colour! 

Mosaics in the sky 


Pretty walls are made of these!

Bunch of Daisy's anyone?

Just another lonely lotus 


Prim roses and red brick roofs!

A little bit of heaven at Al Hambra

Eat me!

Whitewashed walls were meant for these!
*The pictures were taken mostly at Granada, Cordoba and Ibiza.

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