Thursday, October 9, 2014

For The One's Who Are Picking Up The Pieces.

For The One's Who Are Picking Up The Pieces. 

When your heart shatters into tiny pieces, it takes a while to fix.

You pick up the little elements and try to glue them into a shape you once knew.

At first you run around bewildered, not knowing what to do. 

After a while, like working on a puzzle, you start finding the pieces that go together.

Occasionally some harsh edges cut your fingers. You lose the plot again. The pain comes back. 

There are moments when nothing seems to fit. And at times a lot of pieces come together perfectly.

Then one day, you take a step back and realize that it has started to look some what familiar.

You breathe and continue.

It will fix in time. They all tell you.
Deep down you know too.
It will be yours again.

Scarred, taped, glued, a bit untidy yet with an infinite capacity to love,

Just like it always has, always will. 

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