Friday, August 31, 2007


Kihim is one of the most relaxing places I have ever visited. a rocky beach near the very visited alibaug,It has a calmness about it that is very eerie. A lot of people might not agree with me as it is one of the most visited beaches from Mumbai, I guess for me it was the company,the place.. And the fact I was away from all stress and problems. We stayed at pednekars bungalow.. Now its not really a bungalow... the room is crappy and the loo is outside the room.. But who cares when the moment you step out of the room you step into sand... it’s on the beach!!!!! He has attempted to make a little shack outside and has succeeded quite a lot with the thatched umbrella and the wooden benches. He has an amazing cook for a wife who will make the most delicious fried fish and prawn curry ... total maharashtrian style, all you have to do is take a mat lie under the umbrella and watch the sky change, occasionally just shoo ff a cat or a puppy :).
The sea is so wondrous, all these years i lived in Bombay (in bandra, worli) so close to the sea yet i didn’t notice how ever-changing it is, which is what makes is so very beautiful. Two days seemed like two weeks... that’s pure relaxation.. Jahnvi, Megha and I share a great relationship.. We don’t need to talk in order to communicate. Holidays should be with friends like this.. Lying on the beach at night, listening to someone strum the guitar, eat good food, drink good alcohol.. can be any ordinary beach party but something happened to us that weekend, nothing was ordinary.. we all needed the break so much that we were living every single minute of the day. I don’t remember the last time I had done that. Without saying a word we realised that some bonds last forever, people come and go but friends stay. We spoke about what a long way each one of us has come in the past 9 years, despite all the jobs, the men, the trials and the tribulations... we still can be ourselves with each other.
I guess that was the reason we could live each moment and relax, we were ourselves.
An hour away from the gateway of India by ferry is nothing, its like going from andheri to town on any normal working day. What took us so long to step out??


jahnvi said...

so true ... everthing about that place is magical ....and cant help but ponder on your last line that says what took us so long to step out well its been a couple of months now and though i think a lot about that place someone never been able to do it again !

Meenal Tyler said...

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