Friday, January 23, 2009

My "Rachel moment"

I am talking to someone and suddenly I am floating right above my body, looking at what is happening…. The floating me is so freaking sensible… half of the times she will look down and laugh at the ignorance and complete unawareness of the senseless human body standing below.

This happens to me a lot of times, like today… when the floating me told me – “Are you mad!!! What were you thinking?”

AT used to always tell me to float above my body whenever I’m confused or have a problem… I guess one of the few things he taught me : )

I remember this Friends episode where Rachel wants to tell Ross she still loves him and despite everyone saying she should not she still goes ahead (Ross is married to Emily though!) So, Rachel tells Ross how she feels and suddenly bursts out laughing! Her own floating self tells her she’s so stupid to be doing that.

I had such a “Rachel moment” today. I am standing there thinking; Thank God I didn’t say anything!

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