Thursday, December 31, 2009

its fun to write with some vodka in your blood !!!!

So it’s officially 2010 now! This is my first post of the year and I am very high and happy so that means it’s a good start to the year.

I am just back from the New Year’s party that we had been planning since a week - Friends getting together, music, food and lots and lots of vodka.

Suddenly during the party I see my past walk in holding the key to my future.

After a while everyone is suddenly absorbed with either their better halves or someone they just found for the night and I am wondering (and believe me after 4 vodkas the power of wondering becomes 100% more acute) what am I doing here?

I have some wonderful friends there – friends I have made recently and some who have been there for a decade and I see them happy and I feel happy but I also feel something is missing.

There comes a time in life when you feel it’s just right to embark on a new journey. I look at the beautiful full moon tonight and it tells me that the time is now.

So I pick my bag and grab my jacket and leave.

Is change here? I don’t know, I don’t see it (wish I could though) but I feel its somewhere around, just waiting for me to discover it.

After so much hype about New Years(even on my own blog and numerous facebook updates, and the pains to look good, fit into the sexy dress and then not even get a picture taken : ( ) tomorrow will just be another day, time in itself does not know the difference between days and months and years.

Time just IS.

Tomorrow might be the day when a new job opportunity arrives or the person I meet on a flight is the person destiny sent for me (it’s a before sunrise, before sunset fantasy! – sexy, oh very sexy ethan hawke where are you?), tomorrow might be another party where I feel old and my feet ache and I vow never to party again till another weekend arrives with promises of a better party.

Tomorrow might just be MY day.

And until then, here’s wishing you a wonderful 2010 and a beautiful decade.

Live everyday like there’s no tomorrow because one day you will sit down and realize time just vanished. Life just went by, a decade zoomed by and you just flew along.....

Happy New Year and decade lovely people.

Love you all.


Sangram said...

Happy New Year Aanchal :)

Look at it this way - at least you're young enough to be tempted by the thought of a party!!

Mattar sochta hai gutter ke kinare said...

You know Aanchal, I read your last post too, just after you had published it. And I wanted to comment. I wanted to comment because I wanted to tell you that you are read and your writings liked. But I kept on thinking... Thinking about the hundred seeds of contemplation you had sown in one blog... Thinking about my life and the life of everyone who is living. And I am still thinking.
Wish I could write them and stir someone's restive imagination like you.
But I think this is how I am, not interested in writing most of the times. You are right. We are what we are and we will be that. Perhaps dreaming is not as good as its ads are. Perhaps life needs more affectionate look than the fairy-tales and ramp models make us give it.
Perhaps happiness is what we recieve in the morning cuppa tea and the evening snooze under the blanket with our warm thoughts. May be it was mistakenly packed in the mundane and we still wait for the box with the glaze paper!

Aanchal said...

@ sangram

happy new year to you too. I hope I can always be 'young enough' to party and live it up :) even when my back and ankles give up :)

have a lovely year!

Aanchal said...

@ Mattar sochta hai gutter ke kinare -
Thank you so much for reading the blog and I am glad it stirs some thoughts....
you write amazingly well too...
best of luck and have a grt year ahead!

RAY said...

Well, when there is a lilt in your step and there is a song in your heart....good things are bound to happen...the numbers on time spaces have nothing to do with it..even if there was nothing like an year end...the day you feel all is well... (no reference to 3 idiots)it surely is....


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