Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Dubai Chronicles # 2

Living alone means getting used to aloneness. But don’t mistake aloneness with loneliness.
There are times when you miss company. And the definitions of that change over time. When you are in your teens and you are alone you miss fun, when you are twenty two you miss the charm of not being alone, when you are twenty five you have a need to not be alone. At twenty eight on your way to twenty nine, you miss someone to just share simple nothing’s.  (I realized this post reading a friends blog
(good stuff must be checked out))
Probably simple nothing’s make up for more than a lot of big things put together.
That’s when a little thought creeps in – ‘Can you ever give this up?’
So, you smile and cuddle aloneness and cherish it for as long as you have it.
Aloneness brings along with it many revelations about your own self as well.
You learn to respect your surroundings. Your surroundings become sacred.
Cleanliness has a new meaning – A lot of times you have nothing better to do but clean.
You expect people to respect your home as much and how you do.
Crinkly sheets and dirty dustbins irritate the hell out of you.
You start thinking a lot. – Well there isn’t much to do anyways, other than cleaning of course.
So you think and you think and you wonder about life. You write and you wonder and then you think again.
You blow smoke into nothingness and sip on coffee at odd hours staring at lights that define your existence at that point.
You can be smelly and dirty and roam around with oily hair and it just doesn’t matter.
Aloneness can be addictive. It is a drug and that scares me at times because I am sniffing the benefits to the fullest and I keep wondering how soon will I be an addict to independence?


Komal-Nishka said...

haha, glad you resonated with the nothings over so many somethings in that quote :)

Don't worry, the addiction of aloneness will go away the minute you are smitten by the addiction of love, coupleness, companionship.

The transition will be so smooth you will not even realise.

Aanchal said...

hmmmmmm..... lets see.... i am not looking at that direction or for tht at the moment... but then they also say that things come to you only when you are not looking for them ! :)
after so long though actually enjoying the moment is such a wonderful feeling :)

Lydia said...

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Aanchal said...

Thanks Lydia, its nice to see new visitors on the blog.... will visit the website for sure ...
keep reading !!


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