Friday, May 28, 2010

A little inspiration ... A little hope...

Watching the sunset from the wide windows at my apartment right now. How come watching sunsets always give a kind of spacious calm? I can stare at it for as long as it lasts and while it changes colours in the sky and think of absolutely nothing yet everything.
Watching the sunset, the time to watch it and be in a spacious clam is a blessing... and so rare.
And today while it sets, I wonder if the sun is ever lonely, all alone in an expanse of nothingness. 


calvin's logic said...

This will take a few months...before you actually start moving out and watch the sunset a bit more closely than sitting beside the window.

Welcome to Dubai! Loneliness/Aloneness/Solitude/One-drink-table bites. Cheer up

Aanchal said...

wow... u got me a bit wrong here .... esp. the essence of the post... :)
it's about the calmness :) and a lot of happiness!
and how did u stumble on my blog ! :D

calvin's logic said...

Oh! Alrite then...hehe. Guess not everyone's equally lonely when they land to a new place...I, for one, indulged in soulful classical vocals to get rid of loneliness!

btw...I'm following you on twitter, hence.

Aanchal said...

:) after 7 cities... i guess it doesnt matter :)
i have abida parveen to give me company right now!....


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