Monday, July 2, 2012

Luzern Top 5 Things To Do (On A Budget)

My top 5 picks for the budget traveler to Luzern, Switzerland. Have a read and maybe you can add some of yours :-)
Fairytale Luzern
1) Feed the swans 

These babies are ALWAYS hungry. And look at that view!
Apart from the fact that you get surrounded by plenty of swans and it is the prettiest sight in the whole world, you get to sit and stare at people walking up and down the Chapel Bridge for free. You would in other circumstances spend quite a lot for a pint of a glass of wine to people watch at one of the busiest places in Luzern. This way you feed the hungry and can spend an evening staring at the sun setting over this fairytale town.

Information on the Chapel Bridge and the area around it can be found here

2) Grab a drink at Roadhouse

Roadhouse, Luzern
It’s a cute little bar close to the Bahnhof and is packed almost every night, wait in the line, it is worth it. The pizza is great and they serve beer by the bottle. Get a big Heineken for 5CFH and split it between two. Just next to it is McDonalds perfect for a cheap dinner post drinks. 

Check out Roadhouse here

3) Hog on Doner Kebabs

The Doner Kebab rolls here are quite different from the ones in Turkey. These ones are juicy and minus French fries. In an expensive country they make for a really filling, yummy and cheap dinner option. 

I found this amazing kebab shop right next to my B&B check it out here

4) Hop on and off on a boat trip

Sunset from the lake
If it were up to me, I could do this the entire day and maybe the next day as well. Start your journey from Luzern and get off at the next tiny town, walk around and get back on to the next boat making your way to another town. This makes you see the quaintness of Switzerland. Some of the villages are so quiet you wonder if anyone even lives there. But these little insides are so pretty, I could get lost in them forever. Another option is to take a train in any direction, get off at every station and just walk around. Trust me; it will be way better than spending your day in the touristy places.

Tickets can be bought on the spot or online, check out the website for Lake Luzern here

5) Walk around the old quarter 

Should I shop, should I stare?
Walk a bit, stop for a glass of wine and then walk a little more. The picturesque old quarter with its cobbled lanes, street side cafes and intricately painted buildings make it perfect for an afternoon stroll. There is a lot of window shopping to be done and if that doesn’t interest you just laze around a fountain and stare at the sky.  I went crazy taking photographs of the painted buildings and also posing in front of them (Now that is something no one would mind!)

For a great walking tour of the old quarter check out Frommers 

*Chapel bridge, old quarter and lake lucerne image - Idle Tuesday Afternoon Thoughts
*Swan image courtesy Jim. M. Goldstein  
*All other images from Google 

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