Thursday, August 30, 2012

Better Alone Than Lonely In A Crowd

 A friend of mine who has come out of a not so good relationship and now by the grace of God is getting
into a beautiful one told me the other day that while she was in the interim period in between relationships, she realized how it was so much better to be alone than being lonely in the relationship she was in.

The words have been resonating in my mind ever since I had this little chat with her. It is so true for not
just romantic relationships but all our relationships in general - family, friends...etc etc ...

We strive to be the center of someone else’s life only to reach there all alone in the middle of someone
else’s universe, alone and lonely. (most of the times at least)

If God is kind to you there might be someone and something out there for whom you will be the center of the universe one day and you will never ever be alone or lonely. But while you search for it, my wish for you is that you learn, accept and enjoy being alone.

Start loving your company, doing things for yourself and remember that even though you might be with a
whole jing bang of people or with that someone you consider special, you are your own best friend, always.

And for that very special friend, I wish her a lifetime of happiness and togetherness! 

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