Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Shiva Trilogy - Not Really A Book Review

Richard Bach in his book ‘Illusions’ said that when you are looking for answers just open a book and start reading, the answers will be there for you. 

I have been readying the Shiva Trilogy – The immortals of Meluha and the Secret of the Nagas and I have to admit I am in love with Shiva. 

With no intention of hurting the sentiments of fanatic Hindus, I think Shiva is so hot. Is it his passion, strength or the world of weed he lives in? Or is it his honestly, humility and love? I am not sure but he certainly has it in him to be the ideal man for any woman!

I loved the books. They are quite the page turners and are written in an uncomplicated, breezy ease. I like how the writer has tried to bring in facts, history, spirituality and mythology together. I read chapter 3 of book 2 almost five times to understand the masculine and feminine way of life from the Hinduism outlook.

Strangely, answers started coming. 

I am not ritualistic but I have a lot of faith and believe in something spiritual existing everywhere around me. I have read a lot on new age spirituality and a lot on Buddhism but I never got down reading about Hinduism. Perhaps because I was forced to watch Ramayana and Mahabharata on Sunday mornings all through my childhood, I considered that as a learning ground and never revisited it.
But there is so much more to it than the Mahabharata and the Ramayana and it goes way before they were even written. This I have come to realize now.

It is fascinating to understand the core of what we are from an adult point of view. Everything seems different. And as they say, comes to us at the right time. 

It is this amazing web of a way of life that leads to one thing – balance and change.

Transformation is the key to everything; it is the only constant. The trick is to balance it.

So I look around me and wonder, if I apply this in everything that is transpiring in my life right now, it could be a sure shot way of ensuring permanent happiness. 

And suddenly it all seems so simple. 

I wondered what I was running after, when it was all, always within me.

So while I wait for the third book to be published, I am taking a back seat, taking it easy. I don’t need everything to happen NOW. I need to live the now....
....Sipping a glass of wine and watching the sunset. I know Shiva wouldn’t mind, he's here smoking his chillum right next to me!

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Found another book called 'The Guardians of Karma' on Amazon Kindle..


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