Sunday, December 23, 2012

2012, You were awesome!

If I had asked for pots of gold last year around this time, maybe I would have got a million pots of gold by now. 

They say you should be careful for what you wish for, because most of the times, it does come true.

There are years about people, then there are years about yourself. 

My epic 30th year was mine and all mine in all its glory. I couldn’t have asked for more or any less. Each month amazed me, either with its highest highs or lowest lows. In the end as this one draws to a close, I don’t think any year has taught me so much about my own self than this year has. 

And so, this is how 2012 went... 

This year i wished to keep walking, keep exploring... and that is what i did, in my bright pink shoes. 

my good enough to eat strawberry shoes

I discovered the joy of traveling alone and once again, became my own best friend. 

Turning 30 was so much fun, but jumping off a plane, even better.

With a new camera in hand, I saw my city in a different light. Even though sometimes I disliked it, it  became my home. 

Romanced food and wine. Experienced the beauty of doing nothing in Italy. Came back with oodles of trinkets and a few extra pounds. 

Romantic Rome

Orgasmic food

Enchanting Florence

Dropped my jaw several times and salivated at Swiss, Spanish and Tuscan landscapes. 

Believed in fairy tales again in the heart of Switzerland.

Loved getting into work everyday just for this view... 

Cried when I saw it twinkle.

Tried to understand architecture, failed. So I just stared in wonder instead at ginger bread houses and tree trunk pillars. 

And then after a hard day of staring, discovered my poison by the beach. Lots and lots of Sangria. 

Gaudis Barcelona

Bought my first solitaire. Soon realised, its not my thing. It was worth a ticket to London. Today it lies packed somewhere in my cupboard. 

Practiced my mantra for 2012 everyday.

Each year teaches me this. This one taught me a bigger lesson on letting go. Someday, I will be a pro in that area. As of now, I am still trying...

image from google

Did a bit of dancing, tried an online language course, gave up after the first class, enjoyed cooking, loved photography, learned the art of conversation with strangers, learned the art of conversation amidst being lost in translation, finally owned a mac and an iphone, discovered my love for music again with Joshua Radin....

...And as I look back today, waiting to embark on my last journey before this year ends, back to my own country to friends and family, I cant help but think, was this year really about travel, new experiences and discoveries? Or was it about a journey that I took inside my own self. 

Threw away a lot of masks, unveiled a few layers, fell down and bruised myself, got up and looked at the world with wonder at its sheer beauty and its unending urge to surprise me, every time I lost a little bit of faith. 

image from google

Happy 2013!

** All images are a copyright of idle tuesday afternoon thoughts except the ones mentioned. 


Sangram said...

Lovely :)

CHEERS to LIFE!! said...

u really really made the year 2012 look awesome!!
cheers to 2013 and many more to come!!

Reflections said...

Beautiful post!!!

Loved the pic of pink shoes...actually all the pictures are lovely. Hope ur trip home was good:-).


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