Sunday, December 2, 2012

To Rainbow Filled Skies

Image copyright - Idle Tuesday Afternoon Thoughts

Letting go is a scary thing. The moment you start to let go, the knot that holds you together for some reason gets tighter. 

The moment of clarity get blurred and the ‘what if’s’ start hounding your mind.

Why does it feel like you are cheating your own self by the decisions you have made. Why do you start feeling guilty for not sticking to your guns and keeping the self preservation mode on 24/7?

Letting go is not easy. 

Post the hurt and pain comes guilt, confusion and a misbalanced sense of right and wrong.

But letting go is important. There is a reason for everything. And even in that blurred state we need to remember the reason we started to let go was because that one thing was not meant to be.

There is a life, a whole new one waiting to reveal itself, just as this blurry cloud moves away. Just as the knot loosens and we start flying free, into sunny, rainbow filled skies. 

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