Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Spanish Tale

Sleepy white washed towns,
Silent, as if night has fallen in the day
A yawn here and a stretch there.

Towering mountains over a deep blue sea,
Glistening sunlight on stark white waves,
Inviting black sand stretching it's arms, calling me to sink deep.

Lazy afternoons and long siestas,
Loud conversations that never end.
Mosaics on a blue sky, 
As I look up
Opening my eyes from a deep slumber,
Smiling at the sun for playing hide and seek. 

Not a care in the world, not a worry in sight.
If this is life
I wonder, where was I all this while? 

Nerja, Spain 
June 2,2014

1 comment:

Shuchika said...

Love the way it ends...


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