Friday, September 19, 2014

Theres No Such Place As Far Away

When we said goodbye today, something inside told me it’s not forever.
I didn’t crash and my world didn’t fall down.
A part of me left me and went along with you as you walked away.

We are the sum of all the people we love, someone said once.
A lot of what I am now, are bits and pieces of you blended with so many others who have crossed my path.

Though I might or might not ever see you on one physical plane again,
On another we might have grandkids who we could tell stories of ‘when we were young and foolish’
Or we could, on a third, bump into each other in a few years at a bar in some obscure city, we both spoke of visiting once.

Change is inevitable. It just depends on the direction we spin it.

Memories get locked in little boxes. Faces fade. We remember sounds – of laughter. We remember the rough edges of fingers; the depth of eyes and how they look when someone wakes up in the morning and memoirs of scars on our skin that remind us of stories and conversations.

We never stop loving. Love just changes it’s meaning.
We can never hate or stay angry if we have truly loved.

The ones we meet on our spiritual paths,
Soul mates that hear our deepest, darkest fears.
The ones we bare our souls to.
They never go anywhere.
With them, love evolves.

Sometimes it comes back to where it belongs immediately.
And sometimes it remains unrequited for a while, smelling of bitter almonds. Till we find ourselves before returning to where we belong.

So as we say goodbye, unsure of what life holds for us next,
We know that somewhere on this planet will always be a person,
At the same time, at the same level.

Deep down we know, when we return to them, (because we will). It will all make sense.

Note: Smelling of bitter almonds, is a phrase taken from my beloved book - ' Love in the time of cholera'. 

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