Thursday, September 11, 2014

Why I Write

Magic with words
Writing is magic. Just like a magician weaves a world of illusion, writers create a realm in their mind where stories are created even before they are written on paper. The way clouds form in the sky, the sound of rain as it hits the ground or simply the emotion that is stirred looking at a person having coffee on the next table.
My life is a repository of memories – some vivid, some deeply entrenched in the deep recesses of the mind – to be delved into when the pen demands and spun like magic.
I write because of this gnawing, compulsive need in me that prompts me to express my memories. Whatever may be the reference point of the memory before I sit down to write about it the paper becomes an audience. I twist and adapt every word to create a story that spells magic on it. For this reason my writing does not stick to any particular genre as I experience and experiment with words.
The magical qualities of words excite me. I feel it when words flow from my pen as if they were meant to be. It is this magic that enthralls me and coaxes me to weave stories.
I write because I love writing. I write because there is magic in it. I write because I want to send my thoughts out into the world. I write because it completes me.

*Sharing an essay from my course assignment on why I write. I thought writing was difficult but editing what you write takes the cake! A few more essays to follow as I learn to make each sentence count. 

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