Thursday, March 26, 2009

The certainty of uncertainty!!!

The last few days have got me contemplating about certainty. We live our lives striving for certainty when everything around us is uncertain.
The core of being is uncertain and ironically the core of not being is the only thing that is certain.

When I heard the news of a twenty nine year old passing away due to some random illness, it hit me that it doesn’t take a second to break the momentum of life.

The past few days and weeks have had me question the basic existence of a lot of things, including myself!

I can step up, get a hold of myself and fight for things, but I’m just not being able to do it.

I want answers first.

Why do I need to do all this when at the end of the day it’s not going to count at all?

Its not about the money in my bank account, it’s not about the number of shoes I own. It’s not about the promotion I will or will not get, its not even about who did get the promotion.
It’s not about the meetings, the presentations, the fight for power. And it’s certainly not about the degrees and the laurels you achieve.

It is, about the way you feel when you see a child smiling innocently at you (I know this is clich├ęd but I truly experienced this in the past few months)
It’s about the places you go to and the people you meet. It’s about the crazy things you do and the random things in life.
It’s eating ice-cream straight from the carton and blowing soap bubbles into space.
It’s about the times you spend looking at the stars and watching sunsets.

There comes a point in your life when you reflect at the times that never happened. The holidays you never took, the friend you never called, the ‘I’m sorry, I love you’ you never said, the huge cheese burger you never ate…..

That’s when you realize that you weren’t living at all.
You were breathing a robotic existence controlled by other people, destiny and time. The three things that are certainly ‘uncertain’ in life.


I take a pledge to experience, enhance and enrich my existence.
I take a pledge to start living today.


CheersToLife said...

every smile is a short story in the priceless limited edition compilation called life.....

Aanchal said...

i like the "priceless limited edition" bit.... if only we knew and remembered tht at every moment :)


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