Wednesday, March 18, 2009

An ode to my 'low tech' friends!

Continuing the simple “low tech” pleasures of life story, I love how food and good conversation can uplift your mood like nothing else can.

After the week I have had, a dinner and conversation with friends was just so relaxing.
Of course when food is Chinese it takes half my worries away!
Which gets me to a question that’s boggling my mind since quite sometime; everyone says friends are the family we choose. If that’s the case, can we forgo our family if they are not to our liking?
Or do we continue to please or get displeased by the whims and fancies of people who are forced into our lives by people who might not even exist today?

Lucky are those who find friends within their family. But if that doesn’t happen to you, does our society and culture allow you to let go and live your life the way you want to?

I see so many people stuck in a rut because of bonds that they didn’t choose or want. Bonds which they are obligated to whether they like it or not!

Are these people unlucky?

While at dinner today, conversation flowed easily, there were no pretensions. Unlike the past week that has been pretentious and fake in order to please people.
My friends didn’t judge me on the parameters I have been judged lately –

Why are you still ‘single’ at 27?
Why don’t you know what you want to do with your life?
Why do you spend your money the way you do?
Why are you anti social?
Why are you sometimes extra social?
Why do you fall in love so easily?
Why is attraction so important when it comes to ‘settling down’?
Why are you making friends with people who are being termed by others as ‘bad’ people?

My friends listen to my idiosyncrasies as I listen to theirs. It’s my haven where I can be myself, seek comfort and refuge.

There are answers I still seek. I will still pretend and behave the way society expects me to behave. I will still laugh and ignore when someone asks me one of the weird questions.
I will do all that because at the end of the day I know there is that one cup of coffee and a friend I can pour my heart to and that’s all that matters.

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CheersToLife said...

family vs frnds is a debate that can go on forever.....
will someone even spills water on ur cloths, how we are ready to murder them..... ask a parent how they have cleaned their child even at 2am.....
and the definition of the most supreme physical pain starts and ends at labour (each drop of pain is supported and covered in those n number of dreams that a family dwells around the child......
no the child has grown and has his own dreams that he can share only with his frnds cause their values and dreams match......

questions..... hmm...... tell them to look into the mirror and then look at you, if they cant find the answer, they are not worth the explanation....


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