Friday, March 20, 2009

Blueberry muffins and conversations....

Every Friday evening since the past one and a half years, I miss Bombay. Weekends in Bombay begin on Friday afternoon. There is always something exciting to do, somewhere exciting to go.

There are so many things I miss about Bombay - (in no particular order)

The sea
The smell (Bombay has a weird smell of salt, fish, shit and trains)
The way its alive at any given point of time
The food
The way you can get out of your house in a pajamas or in a LBD and no one even gives you a second glance
The fact that no one 'really cares'
Wada pav
The fact that one can get a bottle of wine with a wine opener delivered at their doorstep at 3 am
Worli sea face
Colaba causeway
The walks in the by lanes of Bandra
Out of the blue

I could go on and on...
What I am really missing this Friday evening are the Blueberry muffins at The Bagel Shop.
Sitting on the cane chairs.. watching the world go by... eating a blueberry muffin and drinking mint tea while day turns into night and no one cares to ask me to get up and leave. :)

The Bagel Shop at Bandra

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can totally feel this one..
although my days in bombay were few, i miss pretty much the same things about the city!


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