Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dubai Musings – part 2

It has been seven days? Feels like forever. I have been soaking in each moment to the maximum that I can squeeze out of it.

The day seems longer, even though it begins at midday.

By now I have almost seen most of Dubai, I can claim I have done all the touristy things! Most of them have been done with a twist, like a cruise down the Dubai creek with the whole arba to ourselves. (Now there is a lot money can do anywhere in the world).

I believe it is best to behave like the locals when you are travelling. So I haven’t taken many pictures.
I feel I have always been here.

Have I mentioned Irish Village earlier? It now ranks number one on my favourite places list.
Amazing food, live music, open air and lots of beer. Anyone visiting Dubai must go there. It’s warm, homely and you will end up finding your kind there.

Oh ya, I did shop. I stuck to a budget and within that I bought 3 things. Moral of the story is that only when I’m ultra rich (or have not spent 40k on a new laptop the same month) is when I will come and shop in Dubai.
Its way to expensive when half the things are available at cotton on in Bombay!
So, I went into all the good stores, tried on the best clothes, admired myself in the fitting room mirror, felt happy and got out.

I am still obsessed with fruit yogurt and cherry is now my current hot favourite! I have to have one every morning.
I am not worrying about the calories, I cant. Food involves either steaks, icecreams or burgers.
Its just not my fault!!!

I have been living on Belgian chocolate at home and everyday having a huge Sunday at the Marble Slab Creamery or the Cold Slab Creamery.
Your mouth cant help but water when they beat the icecream on the marble slabs and mix it with all the things you can think of – m&m’s, choco chips, mars bars, nuts, fruits.
It is heaven on earth.

I have three days to live before its back to the grind. (more on that later)
An Ikea visit, perfume shopping and the Safari is pending.....
More of which will be in part 3 of Dubai Musings......

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