Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Back from awesomeness.

Some things that classify as awesomeness –

Splendid weather
Great company
Mutton cutlets
Fried bacon
Chilli vodkas
Long drives
Amusement parks

I’m back from my long weekend break to Bangalore. Renewed and refreshed.

I love Bangalore. It starts with the weather. You can’t help but be in a good mood. One doesn’t sweat, there is no scorching sun, you can walk… you can smell the breeze.. it just doesn’t get any better.

Bangalore over hyped airport though I must say is just too bloody far. It takes ages to get to the city which does have a traffic problem.

Apart from that, the traffic (thankfully I don’t drive) and the fact that everything shuts at 11pm which is a damper everything else about that city rocks.

So a couple of things we did - a day trip to Bhimeshwari, which is a fishing camp close to Bangalore. The drive was beautiful, lush green coconut trees, huge and brightly coloured god statues and not to forget shady looking eating places.

The second day we went to Wonderla, an amusement pack 25km from Bangalore. This is an ideal place to discover the lost child in you, unless of course your body has given up and you finish the day with a bad backache.

There is a cover charge – around 600 bucks per person with unlimited rides. So you need to spend sometime here.

The rides are super fun and crazy. You are tossed and turned while you scream and abuse.
It is the perfect outlet to release all your energies and pent up stuff. The maximum I can do its laugh and scream at the same time with eyes closed.

I could not eat much because of my crazy stomach, but I did live on liquids. What kind of a holiday is it when you don’t have beer at 10.30 in the morning? : )
We did go out to eat though – There is this interesting boutique restaurant called 100ft on the 100ft road. I love the way restaurants and stores have been blended into homes. The whole feeling is so quaint and charming.

Kosheys is again somewhat like Martins or Mondegar in Bombay. Select menu and classic food. The mutton cutlets are to die for. We got there for breakfast and stayed for around two hours. No one asked us to move or hovered around. It is a perfect place to relax and catch up with friends on a Sunday or a holiday morning.

Bangalore is definitely a city I would love to live in. next stop maybe??? Hmmm… that is some food for thought !

 Check out the pics below -

Crazy ride at wonderla

Awesome finger chips at 100ft 

The river at Bhimeshwari

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