Tuesday, September 1, 2009

That plain vanilla laughter...

Flying can be a hard task, especially when you don’t know how to land.

They say child is the father of man and a child today is teaching me more about life than anyone ever could.

Watching my one year old nephew giggle uncontrollably at nothing makes me wonder when was the last time I or anyone I know did that.

I miss plain vanilla laughter.

The one in which you laugh from your stomach, you can’t breathe and you feel the laughter will kill you.
The kind where every inch of your body laughs and you become all pink and purple.

Its not that we don’t laugh or have occasional fits of uncontrollable laughter, we just wait for reasons and instances to do that.

Most people I know and I included wait for opportunities to be happy. We live from weekend to weekend, holiday to holiday. We wait for the promotion, the hot date, the birthday, the breakup (reasons to get drunk and make a fool of your self) to FEEL.

So Rey walks around without a care in the world, smiling to himself and pleased by accomplishments like climbing a stair, shooing away an uninformed pigeon. And he’s happy.

There are times I watch him and I pray to myself that he sees an adulthood that’s perfect in everyway.
An adulthood that lets his innocence be a part of everything he does.

Adulthood used to be a milestone that we all couldn’t wait to cross. Our entry into the big, bad world. The big, bad world that we didn’t know at that time was actually a big, bad world.


Hemal Desai said...

very though provoking

Aanchal said...

thanks hemal ! :)


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