Friday, September 18, 2009

I am back !!!!!!!!!!!

On 9 out of ten occasions when I look at the watch since the past two months the time is always in same numbers – 11:11, 13:13, 12:12

Someone once told me that it’s a sign of change coming your way.

But change never came.

So I changed.

Sometimes it takes several roller coaster rides for you to throw up. To clear your system, get over the queasy feeling and get ready for the next ride.

And now change is everywhere…

My first post after ages, the blog has a new look – pure and pristine.
Ideas are flowing and finally meeting logic.

My favourite quote (also at the end of the blog) says – “change, but slowly because direction is more important than speed.”

With a hint of direction and some hope I walk ahead.

The time on my watch is now 3.33.

Eerie, isn’t it?

Change is now.
Change is here.
Change is me.

I’m glad to be back.

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