Saturday, November 21, 2009

Quests and conquests - The sometimes perfect life !

I have been trying to think of an awesome opening line for this post because the reason to celebrate is awesome but anyways ten minutes of typing and hitting backspace is enough. So I give up.

The news is that finally, yes finally I have found a pair of jeans that fit!!!
The search for the perfect jeans is finally over (Ok- they r not perfect pefect (they have the funny white/grey fading lines on the thighs) – but they fit me just right)

They are not skinny in the bottom – they fall straight!! Yes they still make those ones apparently.

I spent a bomb, but they are so worth it.

So I walked into the Esprit store just to kill some time and there they were staring right at me with ‘try me on’ eyes! The very sweet store manager told me that I should try a pair with a 28 inch waist (you know the feeling – the one in which you ask for a 30 inch pair with a queer face and look down because you are ashamed of the number 30 and someone says the magic number : 28)

You obviously know the other feeling when so very smoothly a pair of jeans slide up and fit. You turn around in the mirror, look at your ass and smile. Bliss.

That feeling is like the satisfaction of digging into a gooey chocolate cake. (Bloody irony!)

Anyhow, I celebrated my purchase with my quest for the perfect butter chicken in Ahmedabad by trying yet another Indian eating joint (Curries @ SG road). And I was disappointed yet again.

Did I ever mention that I am in search of perfect butter chicken in this city and so far no restaurant has come close to the buttery sweetness of what you relish at places like Pandara road in Delhi or even Zaika and Kareems in Bombay.

What does a butter chicken and dal makhani with butter naan craving, die-hard Punjabi do in Gujjuland? The only choices one is left with are overpowering onion and garlic red gravies with paneer, vegetables or chicken in the name of ‘Punjabi’ cuisine. (Why is everything red and with paneer Punjabi?)

Someone please tell them that red gravy with lots of onions and rajama chawal is not Punjabi cuisine and neither is a salwar kurta called PUNJABI DRESS.

Are we digressing here? From the celebration of the perfect pair of jeans to butter chicken to my anger on Punjabi dresses?

Whatever, its Sunday morning rant time! : )

Yesterday I also saw one of the crappiest movies in recent time – Kurbaan. The performances were good (except Vivek Oberoi who should stop acting) but the plot sucked. Such a sensitive issue treated without a strong story is a shame. I liked Kareena for a change and Saif is hot but the botox is too much in the face. Is he having identity issues of dating a girl young enough to be his daughter which have lead to the overdose of botox?

Anyways it’s good to wake up to scrambled eggs (the ones made with lots of onions and tomatoes and cooked in milk so each bite literally melts in your mouth) and fried sausages with pancakes to follow... background music of an odd combination of Jack Johnson and Kishore Kumar and a thick Sunday paper to last a couple of hours.

Life sometimes is perfect.

And the search for perfect butter chicken continues.....



Hemal Desai said...

Woes of non-veg eaters in Ahmedabad, are old and painful. If anything ever came close to the right blissful butter chicken for me was at Holliday INN when it was called that. Not sure about how good it is now, but may be give it a try ?

Aanchal said...

really... will be at holiday in AKA meridian this weekend then. BTW i tried BBQ nation last evening and it was very very bad.


Organic Meatbag said...

Sometimes we can get the most pleasure out of little things like a nicely fit pair of jeans!

Aanchal said...

true... its those little things that make life worth living !! :)


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