Sunday, November 22, 2009

Strange Strangers

Strange strangers we become
Walking down the same path
Silence doesn’t speak anymore
It’s vacuum all over again.

There was a you I used to know
I don’t see him anymore
Is he lost?
Or did I forget him?

With fierce knives and scissors
We delicately cut what used to be us
No reason, no plan
Strange strangers we become
Walking down the same path
Never to meet again.


CHEERS to LIFE!! said...

just like 2 stones which might have fallen off the same rock into the river..... when they sit next to each other at the bottom if the sea they wont recognize each other ie if they both each the sea at all

Aanchal said...

thats such an awesome thought mr. bajaj... im impressed .... and btw this has nothing to do with todays conversation and the person discussed !! ;) its to do with all those losses and the many more life will have to offer....

reality... freaking sucks !!!! :)

zooooommmmmmba ... (as they say in africa!)

Organic Meatbag said...

Very nice...I like it!

Aanchal said...

thanks !


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