Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Bombay Meri Jaan !!!!

So I am back from a nice long weekend in the only city I call home – amchi Mumbai. : )
Each time I visit the city (since I left it the third time in 2007) it speaks to me.

Strange right, have you ever felt that a city/ a place can communicate with you?
Bombay does that with me.

I was very low of the ‘hope quotient’ when I arrived in Bombay this time. However it didn’t take me more than 2 hours to get back on my toes!

Hope comes from strange corners.
  • Two of my favorite people got married (to each other) there were times of calmness and times of chaos; a wedding however small is a wedding after all.But at the end of the day when you stand back a take a look from two feet apart, the picture always appears flawless.The bride fell ill and the make up man played truant, but at the end of the day, when the bride and groom stood together it was a perfect picture.A hope fills around every wedding, a hope for perfection, a hope for something called love and a hope for togetherness. 
  • I met a lot of old colleagues and friends at the wedding. I realized what I have been missing out on since the past two years.Advertising in India is defined by Bombay. Anywhere else, you are pretending to be in a make believe world of advertising.If you’ve been there once it doesn’t take two minutes to blend right back in. The booze is always flowing; the group is always the last to leave the party. In a two minute conversation you can talk of your career, the weather, Mayavati and who slept with whom.I miss the vibe, the zest and the passion that advertising is supposed to have and is very sadly only available in Bombay.
  • I ended the weekend with a long brunch of sushi, dimsums and ice-cream and a stroll on Hill Road which I absolutely love doing! I have not yet found jeans that fit me right. I totally revolt against skinny jeans and skinny people. Despite the efforts at the gym the skinny jeans still make my legs look like barrels!To make up for the jeans fiasco and the fact that leaving Bombay always depresses me, I managed to make my last meal special with awesome roadside, hand dipped pani puri at Band Stand and whole wheat, extra juicy burgers at Gostana (I highly recommend this place to all my fellow foodies – its tucked in a small lane opposite the Bagel Shop in Bandra and makes the most scrumptious, juicy burgers ever)

 Love the blue colours and Jimi Hendrix posters

Bombay just makes me feel so much better about life.

There are clearly two kinds of people in the world for me – people who like Bombay and people who don’t.
I have no clue why the latter even stays in the city when they hate everything about it – The traffic, the rains, the crowds….

People who like Bombay however have a way of making their way around the twists and turns of the chaos.

I simple love the weird small things about Bombay – (Read more here and here)
  • The look in everyone’s eyes – it varies from tired (in the local train) to lost (in traffic) to hope (while looking at the sea) to love (coochie cooing on Band stand rocks) to happy (when you buy the random book from a child at the traffic signal)
  • There is so much emotion in every moment; most of us are busy criticizing the traffic to even notice that
  • The fact that there is no distinction between proximity and space in this city
  • More men than women stand outside Salman’s house hoping to catch a glimpse of his biceps.

I can’t wait to get back. It is difficult to live in this city – The rents are too steep, the slums sprawl at every nook and corner, commuting is a hassle.
But there is no other place where you can walk with a million people and yet be on your own.

Till I’m back..... my city, my love… Here’s to you!!



khushboo said...

aanchal, i love bombay, every bit of it, i love the smell and i love the air, i love the people, the vibe, the jest for life, i love it that millionaires eat vada pao from the same place where watchmen eat lunch :) so soon we shall plan a weekend trip together and love the city with equal passsion!

Aanchal said...

i know khushboo... only if you love the city can you share a passion like that for it!!!!! and not to forget what bonded us the first time we met was our love for bombay :)

btw .. i hope you read the fiasco on jeans .. when r u taking me to the guy here?

Shuchika said...

aanchhu.., i haven't experienced the city the way shud have to love it the way people normally do! but the city undoubtedly gives you a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment..

so now its your job to take me on a m'bai trip!!!

Aanchal said...

ok for sure .. next weekend ??? what say :)

Me, myself & Indrani said...

Oh yes, Aanchal... i love the city too! its been one and half years already.. and time has simply flown! People are surprised to hear this usually, since m from Delhi and all.. but i don't understand something: why do we have to choose??!? ;)

Aanchal said...

Hey Indrani, im surprised too !!! a delhite saying she loves bombay...
I dont think we have to choose, we can make a home anywhere as long as that place represents us!
and i guess you dont get everything everywhere (no chandini chowk jalebis in bombay :( ) LOL !!!!


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