Monday, January 18, 2010

the best and the worst ?

One of the things that has stayed with me since my teens is a quote I heard one of my favourite characters say in Beverly Hills 90210 (a show by the way that I loved and grew up watching)

Brenda goes for a cancer check-up and tells her boy friend at all she can do is – ‘hope for the best but expect the worst’. She obviously doesn’t have cancer and continues to live her life at Beverly High with delicious Dylan.

Anyhow, I guess it’s been a long since those teen years and the quote which held such true meaning has gone kaput on me quite a number of times.

Does age do that to you or is it your experiences?

I was talking about relationships to someone the other day. (At this point I must mention the conversation was between two perfectly eligible, single people) it was so strange how we completed each other’s sentences when it came to relationships.

So the conversation went something like, - ‘I don’t have the energy for another relationship’, I’m tired’, ‘I can’t hurt myself anymore’

On my way back home that day, listening to Romeo and Juliet (Dire straits – one of my all time ‘fairytale’ songs) I kept wondering where my ‘hope’ had gone.
Is the worst all that’s been happening? And it’s just not me. There are others like me.

Whatever happened to happily ever after? Maybe they built this illusion for us through all the stupid fairy tales. Maybe there isn’t any true happily ever after. There is just blatant truth staring at our face which doesn’t look very pleasing. Maybe we all had to have a bite of the poisoned apple and there is no prince or princess on their way to kiss and wake us up from that deep slumber.

Maybe that’s the reason we have stopped ‘hoping for the best’ and have welcomed the worst.


Aarti said...

tough :)
I guess we have become very cynical given what we are exposed to every single day. We prefer to retreat into our shells to shield from further pain, or to preserve whatever little hope we do manage to retain.
But still, some of us do manage to rise through that and emerge with hope. Thats pretty much all we have left and as long as we hold on to hope, we still have hope (pun intended).

Aanchal said...

LOL .... i know... i guess all one can do is drink to that :)))))))

Aarti said...

Done... one long island iced tea for me please :)

RAY said...

very depressing and full of sadness...what is and what will be is all part of the when u throw the dice do it with full gusto...half hearted attempts get no wins at all...go full throttle at whatever it is...sometimes being reckless is worth it!!!

Aanchal said...

aaaaaaaah long island seems so tempting... havent had one in ages... so this weekend ya.. LOL :)

The Learner.... said...

hey - -
this was vrey nice...and very genuine.. no styling no fashioning (if at al this word made n e sense :))

but wat was more appealing than the blog were the comments and the thought of drinking to this thought..

Vodka with sprite pls... :P

Preeti said...

I felt as if i was reading my life.
luved ur post!!
xx from now on... regular follower of ur blog.

Aanchal said...

hey smriti ..... cheers on that :)
thanks for the lovely feedback... love the word 'fashioning' and im going to use it often!

Aanchal said...

thank you preeti !!!!!
and thanks for following the blog!

Hemal Desai said...

when i read the post I had quite a few things to say, but while writing the comment and read this again as an habbit, i think its all be said.

And yeah, drink one more Long Island for me if you are out of ahmedabad and if you manage to find it in ahmedabad tell me where or invite me over ....:P

Aanchal said...

thanks hemal ... sadly i really doubt having a long island iced tea in ahmedabad .. however ... after this post .. did have one in dubai :)


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