Sunday, March 28, 2010

The things I learnt about me, life and everything in the past week

The learning curve !!!!

In and out of doctor’s clinics, a surgery and after a lot of pain, I am now in a state of recovery.  The past week has been a roller coaster of emotions ranging from pain to pleasure and everything in-between.  Here are snippets of some of what I learnt and understood through the week that went by.....

·     I know physical pain, or have claimed to know it. But pain can and will deceive you just when you think you have conquered it. That’s when it stabs you right through your chest.
I tested my limits of pain, patience and endurance in the past week. ..
The funny part is when the pain vanishes (and that happens in a split second) you forget it existed because the pleasure of not having pain is way above any kind of endured pain.

·     I tasted fear. Fear has a taste so bitter that you can feel it right till your stomach. It travels from your dry mouth into your gut and way into your stomach burning everything in the journey.
I cried because fear took over me. Fear of the knife, fear of life and fear of the unknown.
I didn’t know I had the fear. And that was an eye-opener.

·    Whatever you do in life, make sure you make good doctor friends

·     Hospitals suck. They smell unhappy and they smell of pain.

·     Some people lose a place in your life and then it’s very hard to place them in that slot again. 

·    You can either be a good person or a bad person, religion, philosophy and blah are just guidelines. The action is up to you.

·    Being a good person is the right religion, the right faith.

·    Forgiving is easy, applying it – well, that’s the task my friend

·    There is nothing like your own home, your bed, your pillow, chicken soup and a caring family to take care of you

·    Flowers always brighten the day

·    It’s a short, little life. And a time gone never comes back. 

·    Everything changes in a second.
P.S ----- I have combined a list of stuff that makes me drool (check the blog sidebar) I am writing more of those, send in stuff that makes you drool  - I’d love to make a long list of stuff that makes ALL of us drool : )

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Jahnvi said...

Well my learning’s (and u got to take me seriously considering I’ve been in this conditions for 5 months now!):
falling critically sick is the easiest way of seeing your whole life in a snapshot, a perspective one is know to have nano seconds before dying. So it’s good to occasionally be given that privilege. Loosing hope, being gung-ho about life and then loosing hope again is the formula for being the perfect patient. Enjoy the revelations that u were too preoccupied to pay heed to earlier. And move back to normal life as the enlightened soul but don’t forget your learning’s during this phase, atleast make enduring the pain worthwhile!


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