Monday, March 8, 2010

We are the choices we make.

There is redness everywhere I look. Walls blank, freshly painted – Red. The yellowness of the silent light glows bitterly and creates a halo over nothingness. I stare at the wall and wonder if the halo is for something I can’t see or maybe someone I choose not to see.
There is heaviness in my head. The kind you get after a rough plane landing. Shaken and stirred. I haven’t moved, yet nothing is still.   
I know I have to move but I remain in a limbo of nothingness.
‘We are the choices we make’ a voice inside me whispers.
‘Don’t misjudge the light for brightness and don’t forget to see the person under the shadow of the halo”, it says.
Sublimely, I rise.


Siri----Iris said...

Nicely written! Calming....

Aanchal said...

thank you :) and thanks for following the blog :)

The Learner.... said...

"I know I have to move but I remain in a limbo of nothingness." . . . very beautifully said and put...:-)

Aanchal said...

thanks!!!! need to make tough decisions right now and this is the state i am in !!! :)

CHEERS to LIFE!! said...

i haven't moved, yet nothing is still-- amazing line.... nice!!

we are the choices we make-- again nice and right, but then where does the karma, stars, destiny, past-life...... bla bla fundas go then.....

i say dont even try to judge yourself today on the choices you make for tomorrow..... and remember you hold the remote control.... thus enjoy the show!!

Aanchal said...

@ cheers to life - Thanks !
we become the people we become of choices we make in everyday life - more on the conscious level . the sub conscious (karma, past life blah) is what leads us to make these choices and hence there after and that's how we make more karma.
we live on different planes all the time... one that we see and one that we don't.

I am getting ready to enjoy the show... :) thank god the remote is with me right now!! LOL


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