Tuesday, July 6, 2010

When I meet you ... (love letter #22)

When I meet you .....

The darkness will not bring in loneliness but the solitude we seek.  
We will stay together yet rise apart
And each day you will grunt more while reading the morning paper aloud
I will smile, sip my tea and pretend to listen.
Sometimes, we will forget to speak out what we need to say & leave post its on random mirrors
We will not talk for hours but know just when to reach out for our fingers
Our fingers that with interlock perfectly
We will not get out of bed on Sundays and read thrash lying on each others laps
We won’t bother about crumbs on the bed and glasses on the side tables without coasters
On Sundays we will just be
When it will rain, we will walk without raincoats
We will kiss and jump over puddles
Sometimes you will hold me and just close your eyes
I will wonder and just stay.
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