Saturday, August 28, 2010

Of Destiny, Karma, Happiness and that thing called Life.

Destiny plays with us in two ways, one in which it is pre-destined and the other in which we choose what to do, the path we take that changes its course forever.
There is no such thing as coincidences. We don’t meet anyone accidently, we don’t stumble upon jobs or change houses. These things happen as per a plan that we at some super sub - conscious level have chosen long long before. The exact time and place where we would meet someone, the consequences that would lead to it and so on...
Ever wondered at a particular situation and travelled back with it? Everything appears to be linked. Nothing and no one enters our life at the wrong time. It is always the right time.
But that is where the second role of destiny comes to play. Destiny gets us to the point, the crossroads where a certain path could alter our lives if we choose to walk it and maybe if it is not the right path, wonder all along the way what the other path could have bought into our lives.
To choose the path and to walk on it in order to let that destiny enfold is free will.
There is nothing that is impossible, no path and no choice that is not given to us, what we do with the choice, how we exercise our free will, how far we go to either make ourselves or perhaps others happy is up to us, at each point and each day in our lives, when we make the decision to wake up and live another day.
If destiny is pre chosen then why do we make mistakes you might ask?
Could the answer be Karma or maybe sheer bad luck? No one can and would choose an unhappy life, isn’t it. We are all on our own spiritual journey treading slowly towards a path that reveals itself unfortunately only when we make mistakes, or to put it in the positive sense, when we learn.
I am not saying that it does not reveal itself when we are successful or happy, but do you remember the last time when you were truly happy and you thought about karma, destiny or your growth as a spiritual being?
This brings me to another question, what is happiness and where does unhappiness begin?
It is written in the Gita and also propagated by Buddha that evolved is the human being to whom happiness and unhappiness holds no meaning. We cry tears of joy and laugh when life slaps us in the face, we yearn for drama in simple, normal lives and when in pain wish for relief. We never endure happiness or unhappiness in its true sense. We hardly become numb to emotions, a place where there is no beginning or end to these emotions.

I often take my own example when I wonder about life; I don’t want to take the liberty with anyone else’s life. I look around me today and I wonder about the lesson I am supposed to learn from what is and what is not in my life today.
I also wonder if the ‘lack’ of something is truly a lack? Or it is a perception of my make believe perfect world.
I wonder about what is not lacking in my life today, is it ‘perfect’ and if it is how often am I living up to its perfection?
Of the various books I have read, people I have met, conversations I have had, movies and art I have seen, I have truly come to believe that destiny always brings you to your dreams, because somewhere at some level you are always fighting for your dreams with the universe. The universe being as compassionate as it is delivers, maybe not in your face but it does.
What you choose to do of your dream, to live it or to leave it be is up to you.
I have also come to believe that it never gives second chances; it never crosses the same path twice.
And then one day you die.
Morose? Well, it’s the truth isn’t it? As Mitch Albom in the beautiful Tuesday’s with Moorie wrote that we ought to live each day as if we were going to die tomorrow, we would then live a happier life.
Pick up that phone, write that letter, and make that long pending visit. Tell the people you truly love that you love them. Quit the unhappy job, find your dream and when you do, live it as if there was no tomorrow. Pay attention to the signs the universe gives you, the people you meet, they are there for a reason, don’t let them go. And when it is time, also let go.
Make a point to start living, maybe selfishly at first, and you will notice that when you are happy how much happiness you can bring to the ones you love. Because there is nothing as comforting as to see someone you love happy and content.


Sangram said...

Destiny = Destination+Epiphany :)

Kiran said...

I got my our conversation today!!!!

DALLAS said...

very nice aanchu..very very nice :)

CHEERS to LIFE!! said...

eetna mat soocho beta....

play fair, play tough,
play life, play for fun....

life is too short to sit and debate over destiny, instead what you do in that time defines your destiny.... after all its your only life, make it it interesting.....

khushboo said...

Aanchal, I loved your post. and yes, the universe is always giving us signs. Sometimes we are so busy doing other things, we forget to look and take them seriously! But then, that is what makes life worthwhile. learning from that and taking the signs when they come around the next time!
big hug.


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