Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Spring Cleaning Of My Soul

To all the beautiful people on this spiritual journey with me....

There is a process in creative visualization or hypnosis where in one can reach deep into the sub-conscious mind and spiritually connect or disconnect from anything or anyone.

The belief in this concept is simple – we are all connected to each other by a certain power and with certain energies, to put it simply - a cord that joins two people. . With some people and things we are connected via cords from our mind, with some from our hearts or other parts of the body.

Each time we interact with someone we give them our thoughts which are the finest forms of energy and we take in their thoughts or energies. These energies need to be balanced. To give as much as we get; a misbalance in these energies is what either depletes one person or basically screws up a relationship and eventually oneself.

The connection and exchange of energies is with everything and everyone around us

Every relationship in our lives goes through a constant state of flux because of this exchange, yet we remain connected through these cords. Sometimes happily, sometimes not.

The art is to know when and the way to disconnect from what holds no use in life anymore yet somewhere remains attached to our souls.

I would call it - spring cleaning of the soul.

Letting go is hard to do.

Each day you see yourself cross hurdles to get out of things that have depleted everything from you. Sometimes you fall and then you rise up again, maybe, two steps back, but continue to walk ahead.

Moving on is not easy but it is important for self preservation.

There is always a right reason and right time to break free, to cut the cord. You know deep inside that the need to a certain habit is gone or when a certain relationship is over.

And then one fine day somehow you break that cord. You let go with love and light what was once close to your heart. That moment is not painful but beautiful.

When something doesn’t bother you the way it did, when you feel your life is spacious and open to so much more. That is the most amazing feeling, like being born anew.

Whatever you are holding on to today, let go… loosen the grip and open your palms to beauty, feel new energy rush in.

Welcome change and let it flow through your body, regenerate and recreate.

Allow the universe to fill in your world with what is best for you.

And remember, nothing will ever be the same or how it was, lightning never strikes twice and life never gives that many chances.

With love and light...


Aarti said...

Your best work to date (according to me)

Aanchal said...

awww thanks... really... best work ... :) wow... flattered :)

neetu said...

really motivating babe..I'm gonna pass this on for sure...Guess all of us need a dose of this once in a while:)

Aanchal said...

thanks babes and thanks for sharing :)

Aarti said...

Without a doubt, very positive- unlike the predominant style of the other posts. I can almost sense the energy bubbling out to grasp me and take me on a fulfilling journey.

Tina Malkani Gholap said...

hi... read your blog through neetu..
loved it! i even mentioned to her that u sound/feel just like myself..
its a weird feeling... but i totally read my feelings in the way u write.. :)

Great going!
Much love n light ,

Aanchal said...

Hey Tina,
Thank you so much for going through the blog :)


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