Sunday, June 28, 2009

Love letters - 12 (memory)

I don’t know you yet. Though there are times when I feel I know you. When I know what you will do next, what you will say, how you will say it.

There are those one in a million moments when I know that there is something bothering you, you have that frown, on the insides of your forehead that appears in your eyes. You are disturbed and you will not talk.

And then those flashes when in the middle of a conversation with people, our eyes meet for a split second that lasts a lifetime. And, everything is said. I know you are bored, I know you want to get out of there; probably you don’t even need me around.

There will be a time soon when we will start completing each other’s sentences. When I will not need to talk, and you will not need to pretend. We will communicate through silence. Through sighs and groans, through smiles and the raising and non raising of eyebrows.

I can feel it approaching.

And then when we are not around each other, we will linger in thoughts and silence. As if, it was always like this.

We will become a part of each other’s memory we might visit.

Memories fade. That scares me.

I don’t want you to fade....




CHEERS to LIFE!! said...


even time fades, y blame the memory!!

Aanchal said...

memory is a follow - up on time!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey.. I've heard it so many times myself..
Amazing isn't it??

Sheetal said...

Hey Mona & Vikram's friend...happened to land on this page thru Mona's facebook...and honestly couldn't help appreciating!!! Truly amazing..I guess something all of us would relate to at some point of time:)

Aanchal said...

Thanks sheetal. Keep reading!!! :)


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