Friday, June 12, 2009

Numb. - Love letters -10

I wonder if this was meant to be so ephemeral. As I walk into a room full of strangers and catch your glance. I am numb.
I want to feel something but I am numb.
There is a part of me that wants to unlock, unravel something that’s somewhere deep in my heart.
There is another part that wants to scrape patches of harsh, brown wounds that are raw inside.
There is also a part of me that wants a jolt, wants to wake up from deep slumber.
Each part of me wants to feel.
Yet I am numb.

I have forgotten, I am forgetting.
As each moment passes swiftly,
Dreams, smiles, and tears.

I want to relive. Just for a moment, the intensity of the pain.
I am numb.

Transient it is, the beauty and malice of love.
Truth, a flash before my eyes,
Reality, not of what is. But what always has been.
Forever is just a concept.
Forever is eternally ephemeral.

I am numb.
Probably forever..


CHEERS to LIFE!! said...

this numbness is like a disease....
for one simple reason that it seems that the choice/control of making you feel (anything/everything) is not in your hands....

what is numb? a feeling that tell you, you dont feel anything.....

Aanchal said...

isnt it amazing... a feeling that tells you that you dont feel anything...
irony... thats what i love about it

CHEERS to LIFE!! said...

well then i guess you shud thank the "other person" to not make you feel anything........ to make you feel numb......

but then wats the use of such a feeling..... when you actually dont feel anything......


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