Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Soulmates-- or not? - love letter 11

Faraway in-between constellations of twinkling things,
Twisted and turned by endless eras of being,
Resides a me and dwells a you.
A ball of white, shinning and pretty we make,
Entwined in startling energy,
Engulfed into one another,
Bound by particles and molecules,
Pristine and unadulterated.

Unaware of a place remote
Where there is me and you.
Oblivious to each other,
In the humdrums of life,
Struggling to understand,
The deep questions that surround us.

Ignorant to the magic,
That binds us together in some distant universe
And leaves trails in this one...
Sparkling stardust
Powder white
Glitter confetti

Every time we pass by each other in the sea of millions


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