Monday, June 28, 2010

He said, 'you complete me' and she said, 'you had me at hello'

Its been a long time since I wrote a love letter - this ones an improumtu sitting in boring meeting scribble. For more love letters feel free to browse here :-)

The drift won’t be in words but in minds and fingers

Tiptoeing towards one another, in magnitudes of darkness

There will be whiskey before and after soul opening conversations

There will times when eyes that will speak during Chinese takeout in plastic tins

Curtains will be drawn to pretend no one else can see

Minutes will turn into hours and hours will be too less

Mornings will be empty with a sense on loneliness

The one which comes with the sick feeling of completion

A completion of self

And we will continue to be lonely souls

Incomplete either ways

While the whiskey will continue to flow…


kunjubi said...

you are always my favourite. never a dull moment! it's superb..inspiring and thought[?] provoking or is it prodding the memory? Can't say...

Keep this spirit up. Best wishes


Aanchal said...

hey Kunjubi...
thanks so much for kind words....
keep coming back and reading more!!


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