Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The second concpet - Memories

The whole idea came from A and me discussing how we have smelt our husband's/Boyfriends tee shirt and the Cologne smell has reminded us of them when they are not around ...
That's when we went to list down a million things smells remind us off ... home, food, childhood, vacations ...
Everyone we spoke to had an amazing insight to give ... I thought i was the only smell obsessed person.. but smells do really invoke memories...

That's when we came up with Re: .... read on ... (I'm seriously thinking of copy writing now... or these guys better pay me more money ! ) ... pls. note. the first three lines have been inspired by a poem .. memory lane... the rest is original :)

Tickles and hugs
Of gentle moments in the sun
These things that memory brings when sitting alone….

As I walk down the memory lane
Reviving those moments that we left behind
A whiff of your perfume
Makes me snuggle inside….

Outside the rain falls again
As I look out into an ocean of reflections
The smell of the whispering breeze takes me into a realm
I left far far behind …

The sweet aroma of lilies
Like a walk in the clouds
Takes me to a place distant …
A home

Breathe life into you
Relive moments
Re-discover yourself.

Introducing Re: blah blah blah ....

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Om Nahmah Shivaya

Om Namah Shivaya : I honor the divinity that resides within me.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The 'Ten things i do before I die' list

Inspired by the movie, an attempt to make my list - (in order of what first comes into my mind)

1. Visit Greece .. stay there for sometime (hope this is counted as one!)
2. Sky Dive
3. Learn to dance (I am the self confessed worst dancer ever, someday I shall learn!)
4. Relive a day at Symbiosis college once again :)
5. Be home with Mom, dad and Anubhav and do NOTHING for a day
6. Taste every possible cuisine I can
7. Get a tattoo (hopefully this should be happening very soon)
8. Play the violin
9. Experience motherhood

I have been thinking for ten minutes and nothing substantial has come into my mind .... so I guess my list ends at 9 things to do... at least for now....
The list will change very soon I'm sure. Maybe I should keep it as 'things to do before I'm 30' list .....

2am concept development!!!

It is two in the morning, just came back after watching Dasvadaniya. Vinay Pathak is outstanding. The movie reminded me of ‘The bucket list’, it’s a bit slow… The message is strong, so worth a watch.. I love the song “mumma”.

I came back thinking I should make my ‘ten things to do before I die’ list.

The list hasn’t been worked out till now, but finally a concept for a new product has.. :)
So we have been working on this since a year, Abhilasha and me, struggling to keep it alive and kicking… the little new product we want to christen!!

Today we were stuck on concepts. We have presented a good one, but like a typical client… HE WANTS MORE!!!!! So yeah dude… take MORE!!!

Anyways, the mind block/writers block or whatever you might call it had come big time when suddenly enlightenment dawned … Thanks to Rohit … yet again!!!!
He will always save my ass where writing is concerned!!!

Rohit used to sing the song – She’s always a woman to me (Billy Joel) for me :)
And there it was, right in front of me … my concept ….
The song will be made into a sweet, teary AV… and the concept will be something like this …..

The idea is that there are no ugly women, only lazy ones!! Every woman is beautiful…

She is mystery
She is mischief
She can flutter, and she can fly

She can be many people at one time
She can run and she might hide
She can be what she wants
Just swaying in her stride

Unveil her splendor

Unwrap those layers
Unleash her passions

She is beauty
She is a story untold

She is a woman
She is you.

Love yourself again, Be you, Be a woman.

And .. blah blah blah .. product window... :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The boy who ate alone...

I sat around cribbing about the mundane things that were going around
The job that didn’t seem quite right
The dress that didn’t fit
The boy who didn’t love me
The shoe that broke
The friends who weren’t there
The list went on and on….

And then, in a brief moment of enlightenment
I saw a man, The photocopy man as I know him
His back towards me, and the world I knew
Slowly eating his measly lunch from a small Tiffin box

I made my own copies
While I continued to stare at him
His loneliness piercing my eyes
His simplicity overwhelming me

In a brief moment of enlightenment
Gratitude filling in my skin.. rushing deep into my veins
I thanked and thanked
For what, I don’t know
Life, problems, people, love….
I just thanked.

Monday, November 3, 2008

The end of innocence

There are certain people who come into your life to teach you certain lessons. Sometimes they make you understand yourself; sometimes they pick you up and transcend you into another universe.
Eventually they just vanish.
It takes an art to recognize these people. They are teachers of a higher kind; they can show you faces of your personality you didn’t even know existed.
They are not always nice to you and most often they will leave you wondering what hit you…where did that wind blew from and took everything away, stripped your emotions naked, exposed and open.

When you recognize, understand, comprehend, experience and let go of these people is when you eventually lose and end your innocence.

Moving out of home was when this process started for me, meeting people from all around, consciously exploring as much as I could. Trying to decipher people with their distinct personalities and growing, evolving along the way.
I lived with ideals and certain set of rules… presuming I could control destiny and fate.
But life has many lessons to offer.

People who live with a set of rules have the hardest time ending their innocence.

It took me ten years to do something I don’t believe in, would have never thought I would do, to break my rules, to end my innocence.

It took me ten years to recognize that my teachers can come in any form, teach me hard lessons and vanish as fast as they came into my life.

I will reason and question the sudden popping up of these people in my life but I will be helpless to destiny and fate. So helpless that I will have to bend, twist and turn, at times turn a blind eye to protect myself.

It took me ten years to close this circle, tie a knot and throw it away in a corner of my life.

The process is complete, the cycle has ended.

I have ended my innocence……embarked upon a new ship, a new journey on an endless ocean till I find another port, another island, another time to rest.

A couple of days for – eating, praying and loving. : PUNE and BOMBAY

Our diet for the three days in Pune.. :)

@ east street cafe in the bus...

I never write about my trips to Bombay for merely two reasons: 1) I go there way to often 2) they are always weekend trips, filled with the usual Chinese restaurants, out of the blue type coffee shops and the evening spent at Hawaiian shack.

This trip however is worth mentioning…..

Last week, with a generous six day paid holiday from office I took off to Bombay and Pune.
Bombay was great, busy and stressed - All the things we love and hate about it.
The girls bonded, ate, laughed, drank and shopped (shamelessly)
Two highlights in Bombay were eating awesome chicken and duck lasagna at DelItalia at Juhu. The place has an amazing location right opposite the Juhu beach with an enclosed patio where you can enjoy your dinner while watching the world go by.
The second highlight was Olive, supposed to be a hi-end restaurant and lounge but for some reason was packed with jerks the one night J, M and I went there. We had guys spilling drinks, eavesdropping on our conversation, a very dumb Yuvraj singh looking at the menu for 15 odd minutes. The evening was eventfully entertaining!

The next day we left for Pune ….

Pune has changed and how!!! I was shocked, from the city I remember to the city it has become is commendable. The roads are wide, traffic is sorted and there is food.. good food… very good food. :)

Restaurants like The ship (serves excellent Moroccan cuisine), Gaya (for the beauty of the place) and Stone water grill (for the ambiance and the chicken pate) and east street café (its just the cutest place ever) are world class and can give any place in Bombay and Delhi a run for their money.
Of course Vaishali still exists :) and we hogged on uttapas and idlis for breakfast one day…..

Jahnvis house in Pune is one of the few places in the world that give me peace, security and relaxation at the same time. I guess I have seen myself grow up in that place for the five years I was in this city,
The house was bare though… we slept on the floor. Can’t thank Rohan enough for his kindness and the supply of mattress, pillows, chocolates, odomos and an IPOD doc!

Three days in Pune did to us what a million trips anywhere haven’t done. The closest that comes to this trip is Kihim where J, M and I took off on a whim, had a blast and came back HAPPY.

I guess that’s what they call getting back to your roots. We would sit in the garden, enjoying the evening chill… not talking, not thinking… just being.
You can just BE only with people who knew you before you knew yourself…
To be with people like that is the luckiest one can get…. And well, we were lucky.

I let go in every possible way, ate, prayed and loved.
Soothed my soul, relived my memories, and revived something that was dead in me….


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