Sunday, December 24, 2023


Seven lessons and Seven reasons to be grateful.

I am glad 2023 is over.

I began the year with abundant optimism but a few days into it, 2023 decided it wanted to shake things up and take me on a roller coaster ride. While I was trying to smile and scream simultaneously through the various loops it took me though, it taught me a few lessons and gave me many reasons to be grateful for this crazy ride.

 January, February and March looked a bit like this 

So here goes, 2023 – the year of the number 7. 


1.   I learned about loss, deceit, pain, hurt and fear. Most significantly, I grasped the concept of time – how swiftly it trickles by and yet how sluggish it sometimes can feel. 


2.   I learned that age creeps up on the people you’ve known to be the strongest. It’s a hard truth to swallow. I also realized that at some point in life, though I’m not sure when this pivotal moment happens, you morph into someone vividly reminiscent of your parent and suddenly, the roles reverse. 


3.   I learned that relationships take a lot of work. They necessitate honesty and transparency – It's a conscious commitment to love that one needs make every single day.


4.   I learned that some wounds are better left to form a thick scab. Attempting to scratch and delve with nails to try and heal often deepens the wound, and leaves a more significant scar.


5.   I learned that genuine friendships persist. Despite disagreements and arguments you find a way back to each other. 


6.   I learned that while it feels good to bend over backwards, it feels even better to stand tall and set some boundaries.


7.   I learned that spontaneity is not always the best decision, especially with words that can’t be taken back. 


At many points of the year, I thought I wouldn't survive another month. I was living in the fear of uncertainty, of losing control and of the unknown. 

April, May and June in Sunny Singapore 

But looking back, while each month felt like climbing Mount Everest, I had the helping hands of so many people and ropes to pull me up to make it to the finish line. 


So, while I’m glad 2023 is finally over and for the lessons it bought to me, I am also extremely grateful.

Views from July, August and September 


1.   I am grateful for a blunt therapist, a gentle Reiki Grand Master, an intriguing Brazilian astrologer, a stern yet sweet breath work teacher, my tarot cards, the power of Reiki, the magic of crystals and all the teachers and healers I connected with this year. 


2.   I am grateful for reconnecting with friends and having them back in my life. 


3.   I am grateful that while there were so many narrow escapes with the health of my loved ones, they had the best care one could ask for. 


4.   I am grateful for my job and colleagues who inspire me each day to do better and aim higher.


5.   I am grateful for the healing power of furry cuddles.


6.   I am grateful that even in the darkest of days, I decided to choose love. 


7.   I am grateful that my heart, mind, and body have endured tough times and challenging situations while still thriving - strongly and fiercely. 


Thank you, 2023 for your lessons and making me stronger. 

Ending 2023 with some memories of October, November and December 

I’m welcoming 2024 with the hope that it will be kinder, healthier, and more joyful. I hope it will bring clarity and magic, so that the things that don’t serve a purpose will drift away, and the things that do will somehow find a way to stick around. 💛💫⭐


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