Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Happy Anniversay To Dubai And Me !!!

You learn from a city in different ways, you become what the city demands of you. You change with her as she changes her seasons and her moods. Your love affair goes to the extent of extreme hatred and then immense love. For a city to mould you, you need to allow it to do so. And when you do, you start to change. You look back at that journey and see the steps you took, the rocks you climbed and the flowers you smelt along the way, somehow it all makes sense eventually.

7th April 2010, I landed in Dubai, A city not new to me but a whole new experience awaiting me eagerly. We took a while to understand each other, we fought and we made up. Today we are happy, the city and me. Today we are home.

In the various experiences that happened in our relationship, she taught me a few things along the way and probably changed me for the better....

  • Walking in heels in easy if you walk right. Wedge heels are a WAY better option for your feet.
  • Make up is important, the art lies is how you apply it.
  • Always look your best. It’s not about the labels you wear but how you wear them.
  • There comes a time in life when you can’t dance the night away, accept it.
  • There is just a certain amount of shit you can take from people, try making the amount lesser and lesser as you grow up.
  • It is a test, some karmic one that makes you go through shit. Bear it, live it, grin through it and show it the middle finger when you move on and get over it.
  • You need to accept when relationships end. Feel like crap on the inside but keep your dignity on the outside.
  • You always work with people, never under or above anyone.
  • You can never please everyone, so stop trying so hard and just be yourself. 
  • Money is relative, you will never have enough.
  • Save for a rainy day.
  • When you stop looking for something, you miraculously find it.
  • When you find it, KEEP IT.
  • Love evolves on its own plane; it’s how you evolve along with it that really matters. 
  • It’s only an apartment or a house till you actually make it a home. 
  • Time flies sooner that you expect.
  • You can’t hold on to the moment even if you try so just enjoy it.
  • Each year is a chapter and remember to remember the lessons you pretend to learn for the next year.

Here to you my love, my city of now....

Thank you for everything.



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