Monday, April 26, 2010

Musings in the Metro - 1

Blue sky and scorching sun
Dreams with mere smiles
Coffee in plastic cups
Shaken and stirred spirits
Just five stops to go.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Plagiarism - It's pissing off !!!

"The idea of copyright did not exist in ancient times, when authors frequently copied other authors at length in works of non-fiction. This practice was useful, and is the only way many authors' works have survived even in part."  - Richard Stallman

I have been meaning to write soulful, inspirational and insightful thoughts since a few days but the damn writers block has taken over.

There is so much to write about my new life, new people, everything I have been experiencing and feeling but its stuck right in the gut.

This post however is about inspiration but inspiration of a different kind.

Recently, I was angered, hurt and upset when I had my own tryst with plagiarism. I didn’t take being inspiring as a compliment when my blog address or name wasn’t mentioned in plagiarized text.

The world and community has become so much smaller thanks cyber space, cell phones, blackberry messengers and ipads. It has become so small that we just have no clue when we tread into each other space.

There is no differentiation of yours and mine. Not that it’s a good thing (to be selfish) but taking something away from someone is wrong.

What would be nice in the space of the blogosphere is to provide links and names when anything ‘inspiring’ catches our eye.

It is very difficult to protect content on such a wide open forum but the least we can do is give original credit to content writers by providing the link to their websites so readers know where the content is being ‘inspired’ from.

Fellow readers and passer by’s of the blog… support me. I am sure a lot of us have gone through this and it is not a good feeling.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Perfectly Lonely

My favorite quote goes something like this – ‘Change, but start slowly because direction is more important than speed.’

I look back today after making a huge change in my life and I realize that at no point of making life altering changes did I have a clear direction in mind. Change was a process that came naturally and well even though it didn’t feel like that time, looking back now it seems like just the way things were ought to be.

Speed was something that change never came with to me. Everything major that changed in my life was a slow process. Everything immaterial (that seemed so huge at that time) was instant resulting in instant joy and instant pain.

The slow changes are a few but those are the ones that made me think, reflect and ponder.

Direction I believe is somewhere related to destiny – the various destinies that we have. The choices we subconsciously make, the paths we unknowingly walk on, at the end each direction leads us somewhere – and what we make of that place is up to us.

Philosophy aside, change is good even if it is a little scary. Sometimes you just need to let life drift you along its flow.

Maybe that’s what I did when I moved to Dubai. I left so much behind – not just physically but emotionally as well. I shed everything that was holding me back from being ‘me’. And I am glad!

It’s been a week but feels like forever, as if this was the most natural thing that was waiting to happen to me. The choices I have made might yield in a million different conclusions but right now, it seems perfect.

And until then – There is a big smile on my face every time I hear this song

Had a little love, but I spread it thin
Falling in her arms and out again
Made a bad name for my game around town
Tore up my heart, and shut it down

Nothing to do
Nowhere to be
A simple little kind of free
Nothing to do
No one but me
And that's all I need

I'm perfectly lonely
I'm perfectly lonely
I'm perfectly lonely (Yeah)
'Cause I don't belong to anyone
Nobody belongs to me

I see friends around from time to time
When their ladies let them slip away
And when they ask me how I'm doing with mine
This is always what I say

Nothing to do
Nowhere to be
A simple little kind of free
Nothing to do
No one to be
Is it really hard to see
Why I'm perfectly lonely
I'm perfectly lonely
I'm perfectly lonely
I'm perfectly lonely (Yeah)
'Cause I don't belong to anyone
Nobody belongs to me

And this is not to say
There never comes a day
I'll take my chances and start again
And when I look behind
On all my younger times
I have to thank the wrongs that led me to a love so strong

I'm perfectly lonely
I'm perfectly lonely
I'm perfectly lonely (Yeah)
'Cause I don't belong to anyone
Nobody belongs to me

(It's the way, it's the way, it's the way that I want it)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

That's why they called it - 'the circle of life' (may I change it to 'circles within circles?) !!

Tip toeing into one, finishing it carefully and skilfully to embark onto the next which is strangely linked to the one before. These consequential concentric circles – mingling, connected yet so varying and different. No walk on any one if them has ever felt the same.
This one’s over, smoothly I must say and in the same way it started.
I see myself and my mother walk into stores, look at exorbitantly priced clothes – admire them and walk away. It feels like yesterday.
I wonder why we have always done this. Looking at pretty things makes us happy.
The friends today are gone, so have the nights of smoke and gushing liquid in my veins. Like they never ever even were.
It’s us, back to where we started. Completing and finishing just one of them.
I wonder how many more I have to walk and how many more friends I will meet along the way. How many will walk forward with me and how many will be packed into boxes.
I wonder if by the end of this one my mother and I will still gallivant into malls and look at pretty things.
Like time never passed us by.


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