Friday, September 27, 2013

Letters, words and all of that.

With their rough edges
Slicing, slowly through my veins,
Crawling towards each other creating words.
Words, that stare at me, slam me with their heaviness,
Look into my eyes blankly.
Unspoken, unheard,
Screamed, withdrawn and shouted.
They know no way back,
Leaving everything that ever was,
All they do is slowly creep forward into darkness,
Taking you and me into nothingness.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

You Live, You Learn.

Have you ever felt like quitting? 

Waking up day after day with a lingering question - 'Is this really worth it?'

You pull yourself together and get through the day because somewhere deep down you know that nothing lasts forever and no one lasts forever. Hard times come and go, friends come and go. It’s tough but in the end all you are left with are some lessons, lots of words and your own self. 

Each day you live, you learn -

You cannot control everything or anything.

There will be a few moments in a day when you will not be able to be perfect and it is OK.

Patience goes a long way.

Negativity not just spreads from one cubicle to another but from your office to a friend, a relative and everyone you meet.

There is no right way of telling someone they aren't good enough.

Always keep a few cards to yourself even if you are urged to show them all.

Carrying your work to your personal relationships is doom - sooner or later.

Keeping what is in your heart is a recipe for self-destruction.

Saying what is in your heart is not always the best option.

If you really want something you give it all, you figure it out.

If you don’t want something, nothing in the world can make you want it.

Joy is the other side of hurt. At every point in life, one will be higher than the other.

There is nothing wrong in bearing your soul to someone if you still have a bit left to hold on to but if you do, be prepared to let them go. Not everyone appreciates an open book.

Your life as you know it will change in a moment, at any moment.

If you ever see the slight glimpse of love, consider your self the luckiest person alive, even if for a split second.

Whatever is now, is history next. So hold on. 

Tomorrow is always a few hours away, all shiny and bright.... who knows, it might bring that life changing moment.  


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