Friday, February 5, 2010

February - My month, My way.

I love February.
Its everything about it - Birthdays (my own birthday of course), the weather that changes from harsh winter to spring, valentine’s day (hate the concept, never really had a valentine, but I like the feeling of love in the air – even if it is forced), 28 days mean salaries come in faster, the word that makes my heart go ‘tick’ – SALE. Practically everything is on sale and within your reach.
February for me is the month of wishes and dreams. The month to contemplate my future and now of course, my age!
Suddenly when the month arrives I have a list of things that I want, those that I want to do and wish for even though I know they are really not within my reach. But then, Pisceans were always dreamers!
The 2010 February is here and my list of wishes is out.
  • This year I wish to find direction. I am at a crossroads right now with my career and everything surrounding it and I do hope I make the right choices and take the correct decisions that will enrich my life.

  • I wish to find this year a passion for things unknown. I have started with doing things I have never done – The camel ride, the tweet-up. I hope I can continue to find stranger, quirkier and weirder things to do and experiment with.

  • I have always been interested in photography but never found my style, recently I discovered that there is no need to follow style, photography like painting is emerges from your gut, it’s one of the things that make you go with the flow and with that create something that only you see. This year, I wish to explore the art. For starters, I wish for a digital SLR : )

  • I wish to find love in everyone I meet this year. Last year was the year of giving. This year is the year of soaking it all in, taking everything people and life have to offer. Love is often misunderstood with just being just sexual. And that is not the kind of love I am talking about. Anyhow, I do wish that I can extract love from every individual I meet. 

  • After a series of disappointments last year from people and friends, this year I wish to untie and unlatch any strings that bind me from the past. I wish to carry memories just as memories, nothing more.

  • I thank a stranger (a reader of the blog – Preeti) whom I have never met, but whose reaction to a certain post was so strong that it has made me wish and pray to write more, write better and spend a lot more of my time on the blog and on the book that I will someday write. To know that my words touch someone’s heart is so heart warming really. I wish to continue doing that all my life.

24th of February is drawing closer, my vacation is ending and I’m standing right at the crossroads to another era. I have rediscovered and discovered some friends in a nutshell, I couldn’t have asked for more. 


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