Friday, November 14, 2008

2am concept development!!!

It is two in the morning, just came back after watching Dasvadaniya. Vinay Pathak is outstanding. The movie reminded me of ‘The bucket list’, it’s a bit slow… The message is strong, so worth a watch.. I love the song “mumma”.

I came back thinking I should make my ‘ten things to do before I die’ list.

The list hasn’t been worked out till now, but finally a concept for a new product has.. :)
So we have been working on this since a year, Abhilasha and me, struggling to keep it alive and kicking… the little new product we want to christen!!

Today we were stuck on concepts. We have presented a good one, but like a typical client… HE WANTS MORE!!!!! So yeah dude… take MORE!!!

Anyways, the mind block/writers block or whatever you might call it had come big time when suddenly enlightenment dawned … Thanks to Rohit … yet again!!!!
He will always save my ass where writing is concerned!!!

Rohit used to sing the song – She’s always a woman to me (Billy Joel) for me :)
And there it was, right in front of me … my concept ….
The song will be made into a sweet, teary AV… and the concept will be something like this …..

The idea is that there are no ugly women, only lazy ones!! Every woman is beautiful…

She is mystery
She is mischief
She can flutter, and she can fly

She can be many people at one time
She can run and she might hide
She can be what she wants
Just swaying in her stride

Unveil her splendor

Unwrap those layers
Unleash her passions

She is beauty
She is a story untold

She is a woman
She is you.

Love yourself again, Be you, Be a woman.

And .. blah blah blah .. product window... :)


Komal said...

Sweetheart, its superb and I love it..Although have no idea what this product is about and since it is the Indian market, u'll prolly have to get a good translation for that.. but really love the English Aanchal.. way to goo..

Aanchal said...

:) its an interesting product ... will tell u about it ... this is the concept again ... one of the options ... to form the soul of the product ...lets see what the client says :)


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