Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The second concpet - Memories

The whole idea came from A and me discussing how we have smelt our husband's/Boyfriends tee shirt and the Cologne smell has reminded us of them when they are not around ...
That's when we went to list down a million things smells remind us off ... home, food, childhood, vacations ...
Everyone we spoke to had an amazing insight to give ... I thought i was the only smell obsessed person.. but smells do really invoke memories...

That's when we came up with Re: .... read on ... (I'm seriously thinking of copy writing now... or these guys better pay me more money ! ) ... pls. note. the first three lines have been inspired by a poem .. memory lane... the rest is original :)

Tickles and hugs
Of gentle moments in the sun
These things that memory brings when sitting alone….

As I walk down the memory lane
Reviving those moments that we left behind
A whiff of your perfume
Makes me snuggle inside….

Outside the rain falls again
As I look out into an ocean of reflections
The smell of the whispering breeze takes me into a realm
I left far far behind …

The sweet aroma of lilies
Like a walk in the clouds
Takes me to a place distant …
A home

Breathe life into you
Relive moments
Re-discover yourself.

Introducing Re: blah blah blah ....


Arun Meethale Chirakkal said...

Yup, when it comes to ushering in memories nothing can beat 'smell'. A patricular fragrance still takes me to the night my paternal grandmother died, some 19 years back. I was a 9th standard stuent then.

Nishka said...

I agree completely too, though Aanchal y is the copy so long, is it going to be used for print/tv/radio..

Aanchal said...

its not the copy... its the just concept for the product ...


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