Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The boy who ate alone...

I sat around cribbing about the mundane things that were going around
The job that didn’t seem quite right
The dress that didn’t fit
The boy who didn’t love me
The shoe that broke
The friends who weren’t there
The list went on and on….

And then, in a brief moment of enlightenment
I saw a man, The photocopy man as I know him
His back towards me, and the world I knew
Slowly eating his measly lunch from a small Tiffin box

I made my own copies
While I continued to stare at him
His loneliness piercing my eyes
His simplicity overwhelming me

In a brief moment of enlightenment
Gratitude filling in my skin.. rushing deep into my veins
I thanked and thanked
For what, I don’t know
Life, problems, people, love….
I just thanked.


Anonymous said...

omg this actly brought a tear 2 my eyes :) swee...i also feel lik this at times lookin at ppl aroun me..

Aanchal said...

i know this happened once before a meeting and you know how frantic everything is that time ... it was like a slap on my face .. !


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