Friday, November 14, 2008

The 'Ten things i do before I die' list

Inspired by the movie, an attempt to make my list - (in order of what first comes into my mind)

1. Visit Greece .. stay there for sometime (hope this is counted as one!)
2. Sky Dive
3. Learn to dance (I am the self confessed worst dancer ever, someday I shall learn!)
4. Relive a day at Symbiosis college once again :)
5. Be home with Mom, dad and Anubhav and do NOTHING for a day
6. Taste every possible cuisine I can
7. Get a tattoo (hopefully this should be happening very soon)
8. Play the violin
9. Experience motherhood

I have been thinking for ten minutes and nothing substantial has come into my mind .... so I guess my list ends at 9 things to do... at least for now....
The list will change very soon I'm sure. Maybe I should keep it as 'things to do before I'm 30' list .....


Nishka said...

What about finding love and getting marriiieeddd???? :D

Aanchal said...

im kind of giving up on tht .... the finding love part !!! LOL


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