Monday, November 3, 2008

The end of innocence

There are certain people who come into your life to teach you certain lessons. Sometimes they make you understand yourself; sometimes they pick you up and transcend you into another universe.
Eventually they just vanish.
It takes an art to recognize these people. They are teachers of a higher kind; they can show you faces of your personality you didn’t even know existed.
They are not always nice to you and most often they will leave you wondering what hit you…where did that wind blew from and took everything away, stripped your emotions naked, exposed and open.

When you recognize, understand, comprehend, experience and let go of these people is when you eventually lose and end your innocence.

Moving out of home was when this process started for me, meeting people from all around, consciously exploring as much as I could. Trying to decipher people with their distinct personalities and growing, evolving along the way.
I lived with ideals and certain set of rules… presuming I could control destiny and fate.
But life has many lessons to offer.

People who live with a set of rules have the hardest time ending their innocence.

It took me ten years to do something I don’t believe in, would have never thought I would do, to break my rules, to end my innocence.

It took me ten years to recognize that my teachers can come in any form, teach me hard lessons and vanish as fast as they came into my life.

I will reason and question the sudden popping up of these people in my life but I will be helpless to destiny and fate. So helpless that I will have to bend, twist and turn, at times turn a blind eye to protect myself.

It took me ten years to close this circle, tie a knot and throw it away in a corner of my life.

The process is complete, the cycle has ended.

I have ended my innocence……embarked upon a new ship, a new journey on an endless ocean till I find another port, another island, another time to rest.

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