Sunday, July 5, 2009

Games - LL - 13

Don’t hide; I might not be able to find you. Why do you love playing this game, when you like changing your hiding place? I count and count and run to seek, Every time it’s a blank wall that I meet.

Life spins the bottle; you are as always, truthful, open and bare. I’m shy and timid and I don’t dare. I don’t dare to tell you, how I feel. You, blatantly honest, play fair.

I don’t want to play scramble anymore, where each letter is twisted and turned, where what we say is not what we mean. Where what we mean is often unheard.

As I sit here, waiting for something to happen.

Something to change and something to tickle the stillness around me, I wonder where and how the games we try to play have started playing me.


CHEERS to LIFE!! said...

i like the last line.... nice

Aanchal said...

we keep playing games.. and then eventually they start playnig double wicked games with us!!!


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